British Light Silver Grey RAL 7001...

    British Light Silver Grey RAL 7001 Acrylic 30ml

    British Light Silver Gray RAL 7001 Acrylic 30ml acrylic paint for plastic models by Mission Models

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    Mission Models is a premium acrylic (water-based) paint system. Although ready for use as supplied, it is highly recommended that the paint be reduced (thinned) prior to airbrushing using MMA-02 or MMA-03. It can also be applied using a brush straight from the bottle. These paints are ideal for scale modelers, figure painters, and graphic artists. Airbrush Mixing Ratio: Matte Finish 10 drops paint 2-3 drops thinner 15-20 psi Satin Finish 10 drops paint 2-3 drops thinner 2-3 drops MMA-001 Poly Additive 15-20 psi

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