ABT830-6 Round Brush 6

    ABT830-6 Round Brush 6

    Brush by Abteilung

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    Abteilung brand of brushes have become the corner stone “go to” brush in the world of modelling. Our wide range of high-quality brushes allows you to achieve the best results and you could choose the one that best suits your needs. With these brushes, you can achieve all the needed effects for a perfect finished model. Quality and conservation of brushes are of great importance because they will make easier the most efficient application of the paint. And also using our ABT117 Magic Potion or ABT114 Magic Gel for Brushes you will keep your brushes like new.Round brushes are most commonly used in scale modeling for all kinds of details. The size of the tip is very important for the different details, just like its degree and hair characteristics that define the quality of a brush.

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