Debonder 30 ml

    Debonder 30 ml

    Glue remover from the surface of a plastic kit.

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    We've all seen it: White super glue residue on plastic, hard to remove as most debonders will not just remove he glue but also react with plastic ruining the model. Not any more! With VMS GLUE-REMOVE Debonder you can remove any unwanted super glue residue with ease and no damage to the model itself! Use: Apply debonder over CA (super glue) residue and allow 5-10 minutes for the reaction to happen. Remove the dissolved residue with a scrubber brush and wipe the area clean with a cloth, cotton bud or paper towel. If there is some residue left apply more debonder and repeat the procedure. When you are done use hair dryer to evaporate the debonder. Finally rinse your model with water and dish washing liquid prior priming and painting. Combine with: CA glue Recommended techniques: Brush Available volumes: 30 ml glass bottle with brush

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