Fine modeling sand with stones

    Fine modeling sand with stones

    Modellers World sandstone, which mimics stones, is best for dirt roads and excavations.

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    Capacity: 200 ml

    Small with pebbles: ideal for scales from 1/35 to 1/16. Sand with stones imitating stones is best for dirt roads and excavated soil. Great for heavy, thick mud. Dry sand for modelers who want to create a super realistic terrain in any shades with the possibility of modulation. The sand, with a slightly beige shade, of various grains, from a dozen microns, perfectly blends with pigments, taking over their color and allows you to create any color palette and modulation directly on the created surface. Dioramas have never been more natural and the effects spectacular. Modellers World sands are designed for creative modelers, and ease of use will please beginners. The product is suitable for creating sandy terrain, dirt roads as well as mud and splashes.


    Use the "Modellers World Pigment Cement" glue for the best, natural sand look on the diorama and model surfaces. You can also glue on any white, transparent glue. Mix with any pigments to get the chosen color of sand, soil. You can also mix everything in the glue and create realistic mud in any shade. We recommend varying the color of the terrain to achieve realistic effects.

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