Airbrush Cleaners Pro Enamel solution...

    Airbrush Cleaners Pro Enamel solution 200 ml

    Airbrush cleaner for scale modeling enamel paints.

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    First non flammable, acetone free, low odour, cleaning agent for enamel paints. If ordinary enamel cleaners make you dizzy you will appreciate this modern formulation! This cleaner will cope with all the enamels out there + it is much more comfortable to work with as it is devoid of ketones, acetates and aromatics. This basically means less headache for you and less damage to rubber parts of your airbrush such as washers which are damaged when in contact with ketones (acetone, methyl isobuthyl ketone, MEK) and acetates. Can be diluted using 1:1 ratio to yield extra product! Ultrasonic cleaner compatible. 

    Recommended techniques: Cleaning product for airbrush and tools

    Combine with: All enamel paint brands

    Available volumes: 200 ml bottle (can be diluted into 400 ml of economical solution)

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