Universal weathering carrier light 50 ml

    Universal weathering carrier light 50 ml

    Liquid used in all weathering works whether the model is painted with acrylic or enamel paint

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    One carrier for all your weathering needs! Wide spectrum hydrocarbon complex with finely tuned aliphatic and aromatic content and medium evaporation rate. Indispensable while working with either Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders. Great for thinning, removing excessive binders and pigments, creating special effects. Compatible with other brands of enamel weathering products and classic enamels. Substitute for more harmful agents such as classic turpentine. Product is available in two types. Τhe "light type" can be used over both acrylic and enamel base coats (excluding enamel coats executed with Tamiya® enamels). Recommended to use with VMS ENML 2.0 and Alkyd binders.

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