ENML 2.0 Binders EXTENDER type 50 ml

    ENML 2.0 Binders EXTENDER type 50 ml

    Liquid mixed with pigment and used for weathering. The final result will be semi-gloss.

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    The most versatile weathering product ever created! Fix pigments using any method including capillary action, make custom weathering liquids, prepare weathering pastes. Dry to touch upon solvent evaporation, formulated for speedy modellers. Although it cures instantly it is fully reversible with no time limit. That's right you can quickly fix pigments and remove them a week later. A truly artist friendly binder! Product comes in 3 variants: "standard" for matte effects, "extender" for semi-gloss effects and "gloss" for high gloss effects. Can be used over any acrylic base and enamel bases by the following companies: Humbrol®, Revell®, Model Master®. IMPORTANT: Tamiya® enamel base coats are incompatible!​ Combine with: Spot-on pigments​ Finish: matt, semi-gloss, high gloss​ Open time: short​ Reversibility: full, any time​ Available volumes: 50 ml dropper bottle

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