ACRYLIC Binders FINISHING type 50 ml

    ACRYLIC Binders FINISHING type 50 ml

    Liquid mixed with pigment and used for weathering.

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    Acrylic binders ensure quick high gloss effects. This binder type is best for all kind of heavy, textured mud effects. It dries fast and gives pigments jobs glossy or matt finish, depending on your formulation. Does not crack even if coats are very thick. Premium acrylic product - very high solids amount (>60%), not diluted. Comes in two variants: "structuring" for maximum gloss, thick fluid and "finishing" which is thinner and has better flow so as to allow more control over the binder. Combine with: Spot-on pigments, Acrylic disperser, SMART MUD XL activator ​ Finish: gloss to matt formulation dependent​ Open time: short Reversibility: Not reversible, removable with Clean Slate rmvr 2.0 Available volumes: 50 ml dropper bottle

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