Micro Set / setting solution for decals

    Micro Set / setting solution for decals

    Micro Set solution for placing decals

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    Micro Set slightly softens the decal film to make it more flexible so that it will conform better to the model’s surface. Better adhesion of the decal to the model prevents tiny air bubbles from forming and results in an invisible carrier film for the so-called ‘painted on look Step 1 First apply gloss varnish for plastic models to the area where the decal will be positioned. Allow to dry completely. Step 2 Cut the decal out from the sheet with a hobby knife and, gripping with a pair of reverse action tweezers, dip it into water for a few seconds and set aside. Step 3 While the decal is soaking and lifting from it’s backing, brush some Microset on to the area where the decal will be applied. Slide the decal off it’s backing on to the model and position using a paintbrush. Brush some more Microset over the top, and then leave for a few moments to soften. Step 4 Using a moistened (but not wet!) cotton bud (Q-Tip), very gently press the decal down on to the the surface, removing the excess fluid and flattening / smoothing the decal as you go. Step 5 When you’re happy that the decal is completely flat, apply another coat of gloss varnish for plastic models to seal it. At this point the film border should be completely invisible.

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