Curtiss P-40C(Hawk 81-A2) Fighter...

    Curtiss P-40C(Hawk 81-A2) Fighter -AVG ’Flying Tigers’

    BRONCO Plastic model kit for the construction of a British Curtiss P-40C (Hawk 81-A2) Fighter -AVG ‘Flying Tigers’ aircraft of WW II, in 1/48 scale

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    Plastic kit from BRONCO, for the assembly of a British airplane Curtiss P-40C(Hawk 81-A2)  Fighter -AVG ’Flying Tigers’ of WW II, on 1/48 scale. Includes sprues with plastic parts, clear parts, assembly instructions, P.E. parts and decals.

    In 1937, Curtis replaced one of its previously developed P36 fighter jets with an Allison V-1710-19 liquid-cooled engine. The military project code of this aircraft was XP-40. The aircraft successfully flew for the first time in October of the following year and reached a high speed of 587 kilometers per hour. In April 1939, the P-40A ordered by the U.S. Army began production, and the B and C models were successively improved in the following years. Among them, the P-40C type (also known as Hawk81 A-2) adds a self-sealing fuel tank to the B type, which effectively improves the overall protection of the fuel system. At the same time, a ground weapon rack was added. The weapons are two 12.7mm machine guns with a nose and four 7.62mm machine guns on the main wings. After the outbreak of WW II, the British government purchased a large number of military aircraft from the United States, including 930 P-40C, called the Tomahawk MK.IIB. In addition, the US Army Air Force is also equipped with 193 P-40C. In early 1941, the Chinese Air Force purchased 100 Tomahawk MK.IIBs produced for Britain, all equipped with the US Volunteer Air Force to China, which later became known as the "Flying Tigers." They have attracted the attention of the world with the P-40 aircraft with the big mouth of the shark's blood basin painted on the nose and the image of the tiger with wings painted on the side of the fuselage. In the dark years at the beginning of the Pacific War, this weak air force was responsible for air defense missions in southwest China against Japan. Relying on the excellent performance and formation tactics of the P-40C, it achieved major air battles in Kunming and Yangon. victory. The troop has also emerged with many ace cards such as Dick Rossi and Charles Odell. As a world-class capable fighter, P-40C made a strong contribution to China's war of resistance.

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