Blohm & Voss BV P178 NachtJäger

    Blohm & Voss BV P178 NachtJäger

    Plastic model kit of the company BRONCO, for the construction of a German plane Blohm & Voss BV P178 NachtJäger of WW II, in 1/72 scale

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    Plastic kit from BRONCO, for the assembly of a German airplaneBlohm & Voss BV P178 NachtJäger of WW II, on 1/72 scale. Includes sprues with plastic parts, clear parts, assembly instructions, P.E. parts and decals.

    The BV P.178 project is the first type of jet asymmetric fighter in the history of human aviation. It was designed by Dr. Vogt. The aircraft has a front three-point landing gear with a wingspan of 12 meters and a fuselage length of 10.8 meters. A Jumo 004B turbojet engine is installed under the right main wing. The external hanging point located under the main body can carry 500-1000 kg bombs or other heavy weapons. Two solid fuel rocket engine nozzles extend from the tail of the fuselage and can be used to provide additional power to the aircraft when it is pulled up during takeoff or dive. Due to the weird design and the lack of supplies of the Third Reich in the later stages of the war, the series of projects did not obtain the production license of the Air Force senior officials. Although there are many derivative models in the design, they only stay on the drawing board. Due to the day and night air raids by the Allied forces in the later part of the war, many German doomsday fighters were designed with day/night interceptor models. This product is the two night fighter solutions of BV P.178. In the plan, the aircraft will be equipped with FuG240 all-weather search radar. The weapon configuration plan includes two MG151/20 or MK108/30 cannon pods under the belly. Or install two MG151/20 cannons on the back of the fuselage with the "Slanted Music" system, which is designed to attack the weakened abdomen of Allied bombers. The kit painting program provides three German air force and a pro-German Russian Liberation Army equipment style.

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