Humber Scout Car Mk. I w/twin k-gun...

    Humber Scout Car Mk. I w/twin k-gun (D-day version)

    Plastic model kit of the company BRONCO, for the construction of British Humber Scout Car Mk. I of WW II, in 1/35 scale

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    Plastic kit from BRONCO, for the asembly of a British AFV Humber Scout Car Mk. I w/twin k-gun (D-day version) of WW II, on 1/35 scale. Includes sprues with plastic parts, vinyl tires, assembly instructions, P.E. parts and decals.

    The "Humber" detection vehicle was officially put into service in 1943. Although it was too late to participate in the North African campaign, it was widely used in the Italian and Western European fronts later. Because of its superb performance, it has been adopted by various British troops, such as armored forces, artillery, and engineers. In addition to the United Kingdom itself, it was also used by other allied forces such as Canada. Due to the fear of being attacked by the Luftwaffe on the D-day landing day, part of this car was modified to use the air force standard double-mounted K-gun as a self-defense weapon.

    Great Britain
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