ABT308 Base Color Alteration Set - 6...

    ABT308 Base Color Alteration Set - 6 x 20 ml - Abteilung 502 Oil paint

    Abteilung oil paint for plastic models

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    Within this set you will find all the necessary colors for base color alteration, for the base color alteration over the different tones like grey, desert yellow, green or painted in camouflages. All these oils have a well known superb quality. The Abteilung Oils are designed for you to really get the best out of your weathering effects. They are the only range of oil paints specifically designed for modellers, with a range of colours you won’t find if you are just using artists oils. The paint stays workable for far longer than acrylic paint for plastic modelss giving you more time to work with it. With these oils, you can fade base coats, apply filters, washes and weathering or textured effects and much more.

    This set contains:

    ABT001 White,

    ABT010 Yellow,

    ABT110 Black,

    ABT235 Intense Blue,

    ABT250 Magenta,

    ABT255 Paynes Grey

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