Dull Sand - zero tex

    Dull Sand - zero tex

    High quality modeling pigment from VMS company, to create a dust effect

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    A more subtle sand reproduction. Superior to straight yellow sand in that it is a four colour blend. This is your common dust on the road, quartz sand mixed with different soils that slightly impart the colour. Low on clay, that's why it is greyish rather than yellow. If you think that our intensive sand blend is too bright for your particular scenario this is the colour for you. Goes well with any base coat. Appropriate for Europe, Africa and Middle East. Recommended techniques: dusting, capillary action, weathering liquid/paste​ Combine with: Alkyd, ENML 2.0 or Acrylic binders​ Available textures: zero, fine, coarse​ Available volumes: 45 ml jar

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