Track Brown Classic - zero tex

    Track Brown Classic - zero tex

    High quality modeling pigment from VMS, to create effects on tracks of rarely used vehicles.
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    Commonly used shade of track brown. Can be simply dusted into the tracks or applied as a wash with the help of Alkyd or ENML 2.0 binders. Use high amount of this colour to mimic a vehicle that has been out of use for several weeks to months, smaller amounts for vehicles in active service in harsh weather conditions. Meant to be used on dark steel acrylic base. Rule of thumb for modelling tracks: The more frequently used a vehicle, the more bare steel and less rust you will see on them.Recommended techniques: dusting, weathering liquid​Combine with: Alkyd, ENML 2.0 binders​Available textures: zero​Available volumes: 45 ml jar
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