Black Track Pro 2.0 200 ml

    Black Track Pro 2.0 200 ml

    Primer for preparing metal tracks of plastic models for painting.

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    This professional track blackening/burnishing solution will yield stunning results you've never seen before! Forget bogus, 1 phase "burnishing fluids" that do half the job job on your tracks. VMS Black Track Pro is a 2 phase system formulated exclusively for metal tracks alloys (not for brass like generic "burnishing" fluids). Zero discolouration, even black shade and perfect coverage without white areas! Bundle consists of activating and blackening fluids. Activator fluid is reusable and 200 ml of our blackening concentrate yields 1000 ml of blackening baths - finish at least 4 track sets with one Black Track bundle! IMPORTANT: Tracks need to be decontaminated with VMS Styrene Cements standard type, or equivalent prior to using the actual blackening bundle - please view our video tutorial to learn about this step! Tested and compatible with Friulmodel®, Masterclub® tracks. Not tested with other brands - compatibility with other brands is not guaranteed, proceed at your own risk.​ Available volumes: 2 x 200 ml Set - effective 1000 ml, finish a minimum of 4 track sets or more Recommended techniques: brush, metal brush​ Combine with: water

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