CA Glue Filler 12 gr

    CA Glue Filler 12 gr

    Powder combdined with CA glue to create a fast curing putty for filling gaps.

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    Mixed with this fine powder CA glue turns into fast curing putty you can use for instant gap filling much like the standard putty but without the usual wait. Whenever you run out of putty or standard type is too slow you can mix fast curing putty using your CA glue and this filler powder. CA putty dries to solid filling that is easily sanded down. You can also apply this filling in layers and make combined fillings with other putties if necessary. Recommended to mix with VMS Flexy SLOW CA Glue for greater open time. Handy 50 ml dropper bottle with fine tip ensures easy application of powder to the mix and will last you very long!

    Use: Dispense a portion of CA glue on a piece of styrene, glass or a metal sheet, never on cardboard as it will absorb your glue. Spray some powder onto the glue and mix it with a toothpick till you reach the consistency of putty. Quickly apply the putty and even it with a hobby knife to minimise the residue around the gap. Once the filling is dry sand it with 600 grade paper and follow with 1000 grade. 

    Combine with: CA Glue

    Recommended techniques: mix using a toothpick, apply with a blade

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