Russian Akula II Class Attack...

    Russian Akula II Class Attack Submarine “K335 Giepard”

    Plastic model kit of BRONCO company, for the construction of Russian submarine Russian Akula II Class Attack Submarine "K335 Giepard", in 1/350 scale

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    Plastic kit from BRONCO, for the assembly of a Russian submarine Russian Akula II Class  Attack Submarine “K335 Giepard” of modern era, on 1/350 scale. Includes sprues with plastic parts, assembly instructions, P.E. parts and decals.

    The Russian "Acura" II nuclear attack submarine is an improved version of the "Acura" Ι. The "Acura" II boat is longer than "Acura" Ι by 2.5 meters and its weight increased to 230 tons. The increased volume is used to accommodate an active noise reduction system and a new MGK-540 array sonar. Because the advanced welding machinery is imported from Japan, the "Acura" II is quieter than the early Russian submarines. "Acura" II has a speed of 33 sisters and can reach a depth of 450 meters. These features are comparable to US designs. The K-335 "Giepard" was the second submarine of this type. It was launched in September 1999, but it was not included in the Russian Navy until 2001. K-335 each has 4 sets of 533 mm and 650 mm torpedo launch tube devices, these launch tubes can launch a variety of torpedoes, missiles and mines. Due to the budget cut by the military, the production plan for this type of submarine was later suspended. So far only two "Acura" IIs have been manufactured. Except for the K-335 "Giepard", the other is K-152 "Cheetah". However, newer news shows that Russia will build two export-oriented "Acura" II for use by the Indian Navy. The K-335 "Giepard" belongs to the Acura II 971M, which serves in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. The boat is 110.3 meters long, 13.6 meters wide, and has an average draft of 9.7 meters.

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