IDF M60 with Dozer Blade

    IDF M60 with Dozer Blade

    DRAGON Plastic model kit, for the construction of Israeli tank IDF M60 with Dozer Blade, in 1/35 scale.

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    Plastic kit from DRAGON, for the assembly of an Israeli tank of modern era, on 1/35 scale. Includes sprues with plastic parts, clear parts, assembly instructions, vinyl tracks and decals.

    The M60 is an US second generation main battle tank (MBT). The M60 tank series became America's primary main battle tank during the Cold War. Over 15,000 M60s were built by Chrysler. Hull production ended in 1983, but 5,400 older models were converted to the M60A3 variant ending in 1990. It reached operational capability with fielding to US Army units in Europe beginning in December 1960. The first combat usage of the M60 was with Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War where it saw service under the "Magach 6" designation, performing well in combat against comparable tanks such as the T-62. In 1982 the Israelis once again used the M60 during the 1982 Lebanon War, equipped with upgrades such as explosive reactive armor to defend against guided missiles that proved very effective at destroying tanks.

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