Total Cleaner 100ml

    Total Cleaner 100ml

    A powerful and universal cleaner, by Modellers World, for cleaning tools and brushes from paints, primers and putties used in the laboratory.

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    Capacity: 100 ml

    A powerful and universal cleaner for cleaning steel tools and airbrushes from paints, primers and putties used in the modeling workshop. Dissolves even dry paints instantly. The bottle contains a dropper in the thread to prevent accidental spillage and facilitates economical dosing.


    • Using a dropper, moisten a cotton swab or paper towel and clean the tool. Soak up dried paint for no more than a few minutes. Before cleaning plastic tools, check them out of sight.

    • Airbrushes: Wash the airbrush immediately, without soaking: in a prolonged one-time contact it may be harmful to rubber elements, such as seals, unless they are made of resistant viton rubber or Teflon

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